Planning to have a baby? Fedhealth has your clients covered

May 22, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Starting a family is one of life’s most special journeys, filled with excitement and joy. To ensure the best care for mom-to-be and baby during pregnancy and birth, it’s important to have the right medical aid in place before pregnancy.

Fortunately, Fedhealth offers excellent maternity benefits and the Fedhealth Baby Programme, so as Fedhealth members, your clients are in good hands during this wonderful stage of their lives.

Choose an option with solid maternity benefits

Once your client has decided to start a family, it’s time to ensure that they are on a Fedhealth option with sufficient maternity benefits so that they can enjoy every minute of their pregnancy and delivery. Our flexiFED 2, 3 and 4 options all provide good maternity benefits.

Remember that on Fedhealth, your clients can upgrade to a higher option any time of the year within 30 days of diagnosis of a life-changing event like pregnancy, so even if they are not on a Fedhealth option with maternity benefits, they can upgrade for peace of mind.

*Maternity benefits (option dependent)

  • Two x 2D antenatal scans
  • Eight ante- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist on flexiFED 2. Twelve ante- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist on flexiFED 3 and flexiFED 4
  • Antenatal classes up to R1 160
  • Amniocentesis
  • Fedhealth Baby Programme – a free programme for all expecting beneficiaries offering support, advice and a free Fedhealth baby bag filled with baby goodies
  • Private ward cover (when available) for delivery on flexiFED 3 and flexiFED 4
  • Doula benefit – we offer R3 000 per delivery for a doula (birthing coach) to assist mothers during natural childbirth
  • Postnatal midwifery benefit – we provide four consultations per delivery with a midwife in- and out-of-hospital

For a full list of the maternity benefits offered by Fedhealth, take a look here.

Fedhealth Baby Programme

To offer parents-to-be support and advice they can trust and to help ensure that the nine months of carrying their precious baby are special and worry-free, we created the Fedhealth Baby Programme*.

This programme is free for all moms-to-be and offers benefits like:

  • A 24-hour baby advice line
  • A lovely Fedhealth baby bag filled with baby goodies like a baby blanket and discount vouchers
  • Weekly emails with information based on pregnancy milestones for mom-to-be and her partner
  • Invitation to join a Healthy Pregnancy workshop (before 26 weeks of pregnancy) ­– this live class will be held via Zoom with loads of interaction, questions and answers, and everyone who attends receives a yoga ball
  • Closer to birth, we check in on mom-to-be to see if she needs any assistance. We call again post-birth to see how mom and baby are doing and to send her any information/referrals if needed.

Your clients can read more about the Fedhealth Baby Programme here.

Help your clients enjoy their pregnancy and the birth of their precious baby to the full by ensuring that they are on the appropriate Fedhealth option.

*Please note: The Fedhealth Baby Programme is not available on the flexiFEDSavvy option.