Guide your clients to year-round medical aid affordability

Apr 13, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

Price hikes: they sure are everywhere! Electricity, fuel, school fees, inflation – the list seems endless. And somehow, we all just have to keep forking out the money to keep up with these increases.

If your clients have been enjoying a little reprieve from medical aid increases thanks to their medical scheme offering a contribution increase holiday, they might not be that happy right about now since it’s about to end. But the situation is not all bleak: they now have the opportunity to reconsider their medical aid and find a provider that offers them affordable cover throughout the year. Like Fedhealth.

In our second instalment of a two-part article, we continue explaining how Fedhealth brings members medical aid affordability 365 days of the year. (In the previous article we covered how Fedhealth offers members an 11% discount on their monthly contributions on GRID network variants, and a 25% discount on Elect variants).

Here are two more ways in which we make medical aid more affordable:

We let members upgrade any time of the year if they have to

On other medical schemes, your clients are only allowed to change their option at the end of the year, during the renewal period. This means that members often take up the highest possible option they can afford just in case something happens.

This is not the case on Fedhealth! With us, members can change their option any time of the year, as long as it’s within 30 days of a life-changing event (eg pregnancy or serious illness) happening. This means members can save by being on a lower option right now, whilst having the peace of mind that they can upgrade should they have to.

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Choose from 3 ways to pay for day-to-day benefits

Unlike other medical schemes, Fedhealth gives your clients a say over how their day-to-day benefits are structured so they can decide what they want to pay.

Members can use their flexiFED option as a Supercharged Hospital Plan to keep their monthly contributions to a minimum by paying for day-to-day expenses from their own pocket, or use it as a Supercharged Savings Plan where they pay back their day-to-day benefit from the beginning of the year in equal portions. Finally, they also have the option to use it as a Supercharged Flexible Savings Plan to choose how much in day-to-day funds they want and only pay for what they use, interest-free over 12 months.

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Sound good?

As you can see, joining Fedhealth will help your clients to take control over rising medical aid costs, so it’s time to help them switch! Speak to your Sanlam Health Consultant.