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Global markets were helped along by a dovish Fed stance, and the S&P 500 index managed the best first quarter in four years. The markets took note of the Boeing plane crash but the Dow Jones escaped most of the negative sentiment at first, though Boeing shares later dropped over 6%.

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Politicking in South Africa has certainly reached new highs and lows in the run up to our National Elections on 8 May 2019. Many of us are possibly feeling despondent, nervous and uncertain about our nation's future. With the media spamming us with information around the widespread corruption, political mudslinging, growing poverty and an ailing economy we are informed and left grappling with what to do with this information.

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The thought of being diagnosed with a dread disease is scary. It's worse if the disease is incurable. Unfortunately, none of us are invincible and as we grow older we become more prone to diseases such as cancer. Cancer is rising in society for various reasons and the thought that it won't happen to you or the people you love is not something you can afford to entertain any more.

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