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Money matters… And in most relationships, the issue of money and how we manage our finances are likely to come up at some point. In South Africa, four in 10 marriages don’t last to their 10th wedding anniversary. And, unsurprisingly, money issues are one of the top three reasons why marriages fail. Moreover, South Africa’s diverse demographic adds another potential dynamic as couples may come from very different backgrounds with varied approaches to financial management.

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It’s no surprise that for many, the golden years are not so golden. Imagine entering that final year or two before retirement with not only the knowledge that you haven’t saved enough, but also that your partner has not saved at all. There’s no doubt that the situation should be addressed with honest conversation and financial planning the moment that it becomes apparent.

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It’s more than a new motto It’s our promise to you. A promise that guides everything we do and every decision we make. A promise to every man, woman and child on this continent to do everything in our power to help you live with confidence. The kind of confidence that can make a real difference in your life. Financial confidence. Because when you have financial confidence you are prepared for the challenges that life may bring. And have the freedom to unlock new possibilities, grow and reach new potential.

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Find out more about this exciting new family game show and how it empowers people to live with financial confidence. The Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show premiered on eTV on Saturday, 3 April at 18:00. The show aims to financially educate and empower all South Africans, using entertainment to build knowledge and financial confidence.

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Successful journeys don’t start and end once you’ve bought the car: they involve careful planning, roadside assistance and energy-boosting stop-offs along the way. At Sanlam, we don't just help you when you engage with clients about their retirement plans… we also offer ongoing support and reward your client along the way.

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