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The Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, had to present one of the most challenging budgets in recent South African history. Not only did he need to reduce wastage expenditure, he also made difficult decisions to close the existing budget deficit. Now that we’ve seen the steps he has taken, we need to take a serious look at our own finances and personal budgets.

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Most of us believe that we drive responsibly, but sometimes, especially when we are tired, stressed or preoccupied, another driver can trigger a negative response in us. Irritating behaviour such as tailgating, cutting others off or deliberately preventing someone from merging into a lane, flashing of lights, rude hand signs and yelling can result in road rage, leading to roadside arguments, assaults and even deaths. Remember that your vehicle is potentially a lethal weapon, and you should handle it responsibly and calmly.

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As temperatures in specifically the northern provinces soar again today, we warn all motorists to not leave children or pets in vehicles, even for short periods of time. Temperatures in cars can climb very rapidly, and even if a window is cracked slightly open, the inside temperature will exceed outside temperatures by several degrees. Children and pets who are left in cars are vulnerable and can become dehydrated quickly

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