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The Ford “Kuga-gate” cases raised public awareness about how cars can catch fire, not only reducing a vehicle to a smouldering wreck but also threatening lives. It isn’t common, but what causes vehicles to ignite? The highest risk is from fuel leaking in some way (petrol is more of a risk than diesel).

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We battle to live without our mobile phones and taking care of them is vital to extend their working lifespan. However, numerous myths about what to do and what not do are confusing. For example, how important is it to only use your phone’s individual charger?

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Available in English & Afrikaans. Maintaining a long-term view during volatile market conditions. Two months can make a big difference. As at 31 December 2018, the one-year return figure for listed property was an eye-watering -25.26%. Fast forward to 28 February 2019, and this figure would have improved to -5.20%. How can two months make such a big difference?

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