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Dr Kerchhoff, a medical adviser at Sanlam, says the value of knowing you have a family history of cancer and preparing yourself and your loved ones for the possibility should not be underestimated – either from a healthcare perspective or from a financial point of view, given the heavy financial burden which cancer can present.

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Retirees, in general, battle with the concepts of longevity, safety and inheritance when they reach retirement, and it seems as if many tend to consider fees as one of the most important aspects when deciding which retirement income solution to choose. The notion is still for financial intermediaries to present the client with either a guarantee (from a life company, pension fund or the government), or a living annuity from any of the providers. The cheapest and most impressive solution (based on past performance) often tends to get the nod.

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In 2020, 59% of all COVID-19 related Sanlam Income Protection payouts were to people younger than 39 years old. This statistic underlines the critical importance of income protection for young professionals, says Sanlam Product Development Actuary, Karen Bongers, noting that the long-term loss of income due to illness or injury is the single biggest financial risk young people face throughout their working lives.

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Electronic Vaccination Data System: How to secure a Covid-19 vaccination appointment. The only way to book an appointment for a Covid-19 jab is to register on the government’s electronic vaccination system. But how does the system decide who gets vaccinated first and what happens if you miss an appointment? We asked the health department.

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