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We use our smartphones all day, every day, for numerous tasks as well as leisure and entertainment. Unfortunately, the local cost of data is the highest in Africa, with SA ranking 148th out of 228 countries in a report by, putting us in line with Japan at 137th and Germany at 140th. Make your mobile data go further with these handy data-saving tips.

Forbes magazine recently announced its choice of the continent’s 50 most powerful women, who are “challenging the status quo and creating a trail on terrain where there was none … reshaping history, closing inequalities and pioneering new avenues of wealth creation and in turn, lifting others with them”.

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There is palpable anger in the land about corruption. The anger is largely focused on what the ANC is doing and failing to do about the scourge. If we separate party and state, it is useful to look at the scoreboard of what the state has achieved so far in fighting corruption.

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With the onset of COVID-19 and it’s negative impact on the lives and livelihoods of many of our clients, Sanlam Risk introduced a number of relief measures to assist our clients by introducing Matrix plans. Matrix plans offer risk benefits only. However, we have received numerous requests to keep these plans in force and in some cases, reinstate them.

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