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The turning of the tide: what does it mean for investors?

The turning of the tide: what does it mean for investors?

The turmoil of the past year has subsided and the slow journey through recovery begun. In this issue of STANDPOINT, we share perspectives on some changing dynamics as the world grapples with a return to health. From commodity super cycles to buoyant world trade and eerily quiet office spaces. What can these changes mean for investors? 

In this edition

Our Chief Economist, Kevin Lings, shares an interesting analysis of world trade’s remarkable recovery in the first few months of 2021. This is good news for SA, as we stand to benefit from an upturn in the commodity cycle and the resulting export revenue and tax receipts.
Warren Buhai, Senior Portfolio Manager in our Multi-Strategy team, provides an insightful view on commodity super cycles. Could we be in the midst of one?
Nesi Chetty, Senior Portfolio Manager in our Listed Property team, looks at how office owners will need to adapt to changing needs – the office world as we knew it, is unlikely to return.
Lastly, Tarryn Sankar, Head of Credit in our Fixed Income team shares an interesting perspective on adapting to new dynamics in the credit market and how we react to a crisis, but respond with deep consideration for a slow recovery.

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