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Sanlam Savings Flagship Funds for Retirement Savings campaign live

Sanlam Savings Flagship Funds for Retirement Savings campaign live

Sanlam Savings has an online campaign to promote the flagship funds for retirement savings launched in April, 2019. This campaign follows on the success the flagship funds’ have found with both intermediaries and clients alike, with more than R500 million already invested in the funds as of October 2019!

Campaign Key Focus Areas
The campaign aims to continue building awareness of the flagship funds among Sanlam intermediaries and clients via an online campaign, animated video and social media ads.

Online Campaign Overview
The campaign aims to get intermediaries and, to a lesser extent, clients, to be aware of the alternative investment opportunities offered by Sanlam through their Flagship Funds for retirement savings. This is through creating awareness and compelling engagement messaging.

Summary of touch points used to engage potential customers

  • Animated Video
    • Explains the concept around the flagship funds and helps the viewer to understand the advantages of investing in the funds.
  • Campaign landing page on the Sanlam page.
    • The funds specific-webpage is used to encourage visitors to browse information on the page and watch the video
    • The landing page is designed to receive traffic from online ads (on social media platforms), which is our desired destination for our visitors
    • You can view the webpage here. The page has been well-optimized for mobile devices.
  • Social Media Ads
    • The campaign runs from 27 January – 30 March 2020.
    • The social media campaign will be conducted using banner ads to raise awareness with intermediaries and clients, as well as drive traffic to the campaign landing page.
  • Trade publications
    • Trade publication websites that intermediaries subscribe to will be used to drive traffic to the campaign through the banner ads.

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