Client insights: What is the legacy you’d like to leave?

Client insights: What is the legacy you’d like to leave?

In the previous edition of Distribution News, we introduced the Legacy radio campaign that aired on Kaya FM during the first week of March. Sanlam Trust addressed some of the campaign questions and now we see what clients have to say.

The aim of this campaign was to get our clients to start asking themselves these questions: What is that one thing you’d want to be remembered for? How would you want your children to remember you? And most importantly, how are you planning to secure your legacy? Sanlam Trust tackled some of these issues on air and the same questions were asked on our social media pages.

This is what clients had to say

  • ‘I hope my legacy will be something that keeps on inspiring people even after I am gone, like writing a book that will never stop landing in people’s hearts.’
  • ‘I have two daughters and when I am no more, I want them to be financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically strong and independent. Be able to make good decisions for their future. My daughters will be my legacy. They will work hard for their future and for their families. They will love and be happy, they will appreciate and understand sacrifices made for them, and they’ll be strong-willed and be the women I imagine them to be.’
  • ‘I come from a lineage of entrepreneurs minus the high-school education and MBAs. My granddad was an indentured labourer who had a thriving florist business, thanks to hard work and delivering with his bicycle! He managed to build a flat with shops below and slowly started building simplexes alongside his expansive garden. So yes, I lost my dad at a young age, but my grandparents and the magical garden really made my childhood a happy one. My grandma was no different – she hardly spoke a word of English, yet she was a culinary whizz and was beaming with so much wisdom. She taught me so much that I still apply those lessons to my daily life. My grandparents taught me that humility, hard work and dedication will get you everywhere. And that you should never be ashamed of your humble beginnings because they don’t determine your journey in the end! So that is what I am going to pass on to the future generations ̶  my will to never give up (I got my degree in psychology in my 30s), humility and hard work … I truly believe that if we look back at our forefathers, we can learn so much by following in their footsteps and set the new standard for our children!’
  • ‘I’m paving the way for my kids. The little I save is nothing compared to what I spend on their education and their well-being. I strive hard to give them a chance at a better education, as that is one legacy no one will ever take away from them.’
  • ‘I’m trying to instil in my kids never to forget where they come from, to always help those in need and to never turn their back on family. Sharing is caring, honour your father and mother and lastly, hard work pays off in the end.’
  • ‘I collect recipes. I’ve become really good on my own without any training and I can leave behind my amazing books for my kids to be better bakers.’
  • ‘I come from a poor family where I didn’t get a chance to further my studies until now and I don’t want my kids to go through the same thing. As a single parent I want to save money for education for my kids for them to have a better future.’
  • ‘I wish to leave a legacy of goodwill, charity and kindness, which are all much needed in today’s world. I am involved in a lot of charity work as I love to help others and do God’s work. Every little bit of love and positivity goes a long way.’
  • ‘I have a guesthouse and catering business, in which I’ve invested for my two daughters. They’re 13 and five years old. As a single mom I want to teach them to be independent.’
  • ‘I will leave a fruitful legacy of being the very first bachelor’s degree graduate in my family and giving hope to those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.’
  • ‘Living a life filled with purpose and making a conscious contribution to the change in my community.’

There was an incredible response to this campaign in general.

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