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The number of homeless people and abandoned animals has increased significantly during lockdown. We are aware that there may be many of you who would like to support an organisation, but with so many to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to go. Glacier’s initiative can help you make this decision much easier.

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Despite the upheaval of moving house, don't forget to inform your insurer that your circumstances and address have changed. In addition to cover for your household items while they are being moved, you need to ensure that the building is protected. If selling, make sure that cover is in place for your previous home until transfer is complete and that your new home is covered from the date you take ownership.

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Only around 1% of cellphones carry security software and 46% of US companies have found themselves infected by a malicious app from an employee's phone. A leading cybersecurity expert warns that a surge in malicious apps is a serious threat to iPhone users despite the widely held view that iPhones are much safer.

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