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Economic data is released daily and could stir up a cocktail of sometimes confusing signals for investors. But, the truth is, long-term investors focused on the fundamentals only need to watch a handful of economic trends. At this year’s All Access Summit Arthur Kamp, economist at Sanlam Investments, cut through the noise and showed us what to focus on.

Will your money keep up with your dreams and ambitions? Saving to reach your goals is a good start, but stashing your money away and hoping for the best won’t help you tick off those lifelong bucket list items.

Every journey starts with a plan. And the same applies to your finances. In fact, reports show that 82%* of South Africans who retire comfortably have met with a financial adviser. So if people with a financial plan often end up happier and wealthier, why is it that 60%* of South Africans between the ages of 20 and 40 feel they don’t need one?

It’s tax season again. While submitting a tax return is something many of your clients dread, it’s also the time of year when diligent investors face a pleasant problem: what to do with the tax refund they’ll receive for topping up their retirement annuities (RAs) in the previous tax year.

Sanlam’s Comprehensive Severe Illness benefits include exactly the same market-leading cancer and cardiovascular cover as that provided under the company’s separate Cancer and Cardiovascular benefits. The cancer cover includes cover for cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma and tumours. It provides comprehensive cover for early cancers (including skin cancer), as well as wide-ranging cover for benign brain tumours.

Ever thought about what life after retirement looks like? In an ideal world, you’d have saved enough money to live the life you choose. But have you thought about what might happen if you outlive your savings? The truth is, almost 90% of South Africans end up retiring with less than 50%* of their income. So maybe it’s time to think how best to invest your retirement savings to generate an income that lasts as long as you do.

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