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Let’s be honest. It’s seldom with great excitement that we open a message from the taxman. But this time of the year that short note announcing a refund to investors who’ve topped up their retirement annuities in the previous tax year is most welcome. Which brings us to the question: what should you do with your refund?

Incidents of remote jamming have been reported again, so be alert when leaving your vehicle in a public place. Car remote controls use a radio frequency that is often the same as for gate and garage opening devices.

Leesure Assurance Brokers cc, as an authorised financial services provider, has a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our mission is to be a respected and recognised provider and our Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) policy is an integral part of that objective.

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act requires us to inform you how we use and disclose personal information we obtain from you. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will ensure that your personal information is used appropriately, transparently and according to applicable law.

It’s not unusual for businesses to require credit from time to time, and typically business owners won’t think twice about signing surety for a business loan. But many don’t realise the full implication of doing so. This is where you come in.

August is all about celebrating great women, those who have come and gone and those who work tirelessly every day to shape families, businesses, communities and our country - That's you.

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