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Investment envy is real and poses a challenge for advisers. While your client is earning a long-term return of 10% on his investment, knowing that a friend or family member is earning 11% seldom sits well with anyone. Wanting to compare results is only human, but it could take an investor’s eye off the real enemy: inflation.

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre (Sabric) on Thursday warned of a surge in Sim-swap fraud in the country. The organisation has released its inaugural digital banking crime statistics, which show that in 2017, 13 438 incidents occurred across banking apps, online banking and mobile banking, costing the industry more than R250-million in gross losses.

STANLIB’s chief economist, Kevin Lings, attended the South African Investment Conference in Sandton today. In an interview from the conference, he shares first-hand insights on government’s thinking on revitalising the economy.

Accidents on our roads and injuries due to violent crime are just some of the risks facing South Africans every day. Few understand better than you how heavily the financial impact can weigh on a client’s loved ones and dependants if they’re injured or die in an accident.

Losing the ability to earn an income is a scary thought. Especially if you’re the main breadwinner or just starting out in your career. But if 70%* of South Africans will suffer a disability in their lifetime, can you afford not to think about it? Illness or injury can affect anyone, at any time.

The credible appointment of former Reserve Bank governor, Tito Mboweni, to the helm of the finance ministry has been well received by the market. The weak performance of the economy in the first half of the year points to downward revisions to Treasury's growth assumptions.

Life isn’t cheap. In addition to basic living expenses, there’s rent, debt repayment, petrol (and that coffee habit you can’t quit). So in a world where we’re always spending, it’s easy to see why 46%* of South Africans between the age of 20 and 40 have no savings at all.

South Africa ranks 94 out of 162 countries and territories according to their economic system. Economic Freedom of the World (EFW) index measures the degree to which the policies and institutions of countries support economic freedom.

When you think of your family, who do you immediately think of? Your parents and siblings? Or do you widen your definition to include extended family members, like aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, and in-laws as well?

At Sanlam, we understand the importance of family and that is why we provide funeral cover for your extended family members as well. Give yourself peace of mind by knowing they will be taken care of. With instant online quotes, no medicals and no paperwork - it’s never been easier to look after the ones you love.

Our funeral cover options are affordable and convenient. Get a quote or buy your funeral policy online right now and start reaping the benefits of fast, hassle-free claims and complete peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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The US economy enjoyed relief from subdued trade disputes, which served to increase investor optimism. While the United States followed through with $200 billion in new tariffs initiated in August, negotiations neutralised after China responded in turn with a 10% tariff on imports.

What is Gap Cover video by Stratum Benefits. Gap cover products are designed to cover medical expense shortfalls that exist between the fees charged for private healthcare and what your medical scheme pays.

United States; Tax cuts and firm consumer dynamics are behind strong late cycle growth. An economic downturn is expected in 2020, as the fiscal contribution to growth becomes negative and the escalation in trade tensions dents activity.

In the next part of our Investing in a Recession series, we look at some of the more common investing trends during a recession. When the economy is going through a recession, investors are likely to see lower, and in some cases, negative investment returns from asset classes.

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