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Having worked as a financial adviser for nearly 25 years, many of my clients are now at the stage where they’re thinking about the financial legacy they’ll be leaving their children. Due to well-managed finances, many will be leaving a significant inheritance to the next generation, writes Certified Financial Planner at Liberty, Marietta Tappan.

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When your child is unlikely to be financial independent, you need to make special plans, writes Geraldine MacPherson: Legal Marketing Specialist. When you plan your finances, it’s important to make sure you’ve made provision for your young children should something happen to either or both parents. But what if you have a child that will be dependent on you, not only for the rest of your life, but for the rest of theirs as well?

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The no-cost, no-paperwork, tax-free investing app from Liberty. We all know that we should be putting money away for our future from our first pay cheque, but just trying to select an investment or open an account often seems like more hassle than it’s worth. What if there was an investment that saved you tax, required no paperwork, debit orders or transfers and came at no cost?

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